The Cottage

Our Cellar Door is in The Cottage, a true legacy from Martinborough’s pioneering past. The Cottage, built in the late 1800’s in a classic farm cottage design, housed John Martin’s senior stockman. _ With its rustic aesthetic, inviting surroundings, and intimate setting, The Cottage has proved to be one of the most visited vineyard locations in Martinborough. Every year, thousands of people from all over the globe come to enjoy themselves at our historic spot, and its central location to any experience at Te Kairanga.

Winery and vineyard tours are available by appointment - minimum of 6 persons @ $15 a person.


Our Region

40° South

Martinborough is located at the foot of New Zealand's North Island. Our small growing region accounts for only 2% of the country’s wine production.

We sit at an ideal confluence of geology and geography. The perfect climate and terrain to produce exceptional


Te Kairanga Estate

The stone-filled river terraces are free-draining while the top-soils vary from slope to slope. The Tararua Range protects us from harsh elements and we enjoy long dry days and cool nights.

The vines grow less vigorously in the cool, breezy conditions, so yields are lower and the flavours more intense. Our long dry autumns provide the right balance of warm days (creating ripeness) and cool nights (providing elegance) for producing top quality Pinot Noir and other early-ripening varieties.

Our Vineyards


Of vines planted at four distinct vineyard sites, all within the Martinborough appellation.

This size and diversity allows our winemaking team to produce wines which are 100% estate grown from 100% Martinborough fruit, with a wide array of aromatics, flavours, textures and styles.

The Martinborough
Considered one of the country’s premier growing areas, is home to our home and McLeod Vineyards.

These vineyards are planted at the highest point of the terrace with the deepest gravel soils. This free-draining soil structure, coupled with the area’s low rainfall, provides a richness and clear intensity to the fruit grown there. The Home Vineyard is comprised of eight distinct blocks and is planted to all five of the varieties that we produce. The McLeod Vineyard is dedicated solely to the highest quality Pinot Noir.

Spring Rock
Located on a hillside, east of the Martinborough Terrace in the Longbush Valley.

A picturesque valley and vineyard.

Planted at an altitude of over 100 meters (328 feet), with a north-south row orientation, Spring Rock has excellent exposure to the morning sun, ensuring a long ripening period. This gentle sloping site is planted to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.


[ Maori for "two" ]
the southern end of Martinborough in the narrow Ruakokoputuna Valley.

The climate is distinctly different at this vineyard. Planted at nearly 180 meters (590 feet) of elevation, the high hills and narrow valley contribute to extreme day and night temperature swings. This vineyard, planted to Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc, has a very long ripening period and is often the last fruit to come in during harvest.

All of our vineyards have been certified as 100% sustainable.

Our Winery

From top to bottom, our winery was constructed with an eye towards one goal –
the highest quality
pinot noir.

Constructed in 2002, the state-of-the-art facility is the perfect landing spot for our estate fruit. With multiple small fermenters and a mechanical gravity system, our winemaking team can preserve vineyard and varietal integrity by handling the fruit in the gentlest way possible.


– Sustainable Winegrowing –

Preserving our environment
and the quality of our wine

Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand (SWNZ) was established in 1997 to help the industry elevate their performance in environmental, social and economic sustainability issues. Today, the SWNZ sets standards for vineyards and wineries that help preserve the environment and increase the quality of our wines. The group also manages communications with the public on the evolution and impact of our industry.


– Te Kairanga –

All of our vineyards are sustainably farmed and Te Kairanga Wines is Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand certified.

  • All estate vineyards used in Te Kairanga wines are certified by SWNZ
  • All winemaking and bottling plants are accredited by SWNZ
  • Soil and vine tests are conducted by an independent expert who makes recommendations based on soil type and grape variety
  • Cover crops are planted to attract beneficial insects as well as to encourage nitrogen and other nutrients in the soil



  • Moisture in the soil is measured to determine the least amount of water necessary to sustain healthy vines
  • Irrigation audits are performed regularly

Weed &


  • The Te Kairanga team is trained in pest and disease monitoring protocols
  • Mowers dispense clippings under the vines to enhance organic matter in the soil